Monday #498

Every week I have to check what number of Monday I am on. This week, it struck me that almost 500 Mondays, divided by 52 makes nearly 10 years. Checking the earliest post on the blog confirmed the maths – it will be ten years on November 11.

The mathematicians amongst you may be thinking that ten years with 52 Mondays a year is 520 Monday posts. I did try to start numbering the Mondays (at #189 I think) to match the number of weeks the blog had been running, and then to always keep that number consistent even if I missed posting on Monday… but something somewhere (or several somewheres) has gone a bit wrong and I appear to be about 18 out.

But whether or not I’ve counted all the Mondays correctly, they have still passed and the blog will be ten years old soon. I’ll have to think about how to mark that!

Letters to Enid #25


Malory Towers on TV series 2, episodes 11 and 12

Topping & Company – a lovely bookstore in St Andrews which not only has rolling ladders, hundreds and hundreds of books, free hot drinks while you browse but also a decent selection of Enid Blytons. There are Topping & Co shops in Edinburgh, Bath and Cambridge, too. I don’t often buy anything in there as I generally don’t buy many brand-new books, but I do like to look!


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