Monday #503

Here we are in the last week of November already. We didn’t wait for December to put our Christmas tree up. We put it up yesterday which was the first Sunday of Advent. I’m not entirely sure what that means but I do remember the Blue Peter presenters lighting a candle once a week on their not-at-all flammable tinsel wrapped pair of metal coat hangers. I’m sure Enid would have known all about it.

Five Have a Mystery to Solve


November round up

‘Don’t look round, Anne, I’m wrapping up your present,’ said Dick. ‘There’ll be a lot to give out this Christmas, with all of us here—and everyone giving everyone else something!’

‘I’ve a B-O-N-E for Timmy,’ said Anne, ‘but it’s downstairs in the larder. I was afraid he’d sniff it out up here.’

‘Woof,’ said Timmy, slapping his tail against Anne’s legs again.

‘He knows perfectly well that B-O-N-E spells bone,’ said Julian. ‘Now you’ve made him sniff all about my parcels! Timmy—go downstairs, please!’

– from Happy Christmas, Five!

This is very much us at the moment – trying to communicate without Brodie knowing what we are on about. His ears are just too sharp (when it suits him). It won’t be long before he’s as smart as Timmy and can work out what we’re saying even in spellings though…



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1 Response to Monday #503

  1. James Hogan says:

    Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, so the first Sunday in Advent also falls earlier. I have to say I was somewhat caught out by that myself.


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