Monday #510

For once I have an actual list of posts to write/post and have had to work out the best order to use them. Those should last me for at least a few weeks, then I will likely return to scrambling around for last-minute ideas.

2022 birthday and Christmas present round up


If you like Blyton: The Flying Classroom by Erich Kästner

“Now look,” she said, “here’s the first thing we have to guess—the name of somebody silly. Seven letters it has to be, Twiddle.”

“I know who that is!” said Twiddle, at once. “It must be old Meddle. He’s silly enough.”

“No—Meddle has six letters, not seven in his name,” said his wife. “Guess again. Can it be Brer Rabbit—no, that’s ten letters. Dear me, I can’t think of the right answer at all. Let’s guess the next bit.”

Mr and Mrs Meddle try a crossword puzzle in Don’t Be Silly, Mr Twiddle, and name-check a couple of other Blyton characters while they’re at it. Initially I thought Mrs Twiddle was joking that at seven letters the answer has to the Twiddle, but she’s just speaking to her husband. She does make that joke at the end of the story, though, after Mr Twiddle has hung her best hat on the washing line, and put his mended shirt in her hat box.



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1 Response to Monday #510

  1. Rashmi says:

    I just love the lovable Twiddle, his wife and oh joy, their mischievous, implacable black cat and all the mischief it does!


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