Monday #511

January is rushing past us, though I  generally still feel like it’s only a week past New Year. Saying that, it feels like winter has dragged on forever (as it always does in January).

According to Google meteorological winter ends on February 28, but astronomical winter doesn’t end until March 20. I know which date I prefer!

My 2022 in books and Blyton


Five Have a Mystery to Solve part 3

I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing this one – Five Have Plenty of Character – which I got for my Christmas. The blurb reads:

The adventure, mystery and excitement are what attract readers to Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five‘. But what attracted me was their character. Blyton strives to show that good character wins the day and trials can be overcome by loyalty, friendship and courage. Blyton has been criticised for portraying two dimensional characters but this book seeks to show that the Famous Five are as deep, interesting and exciting as characters from the best children’s books. The Famous Five have influenced generations of children in making moral decisions and valuing good character. This book will, I hope, show why.

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