Monday #515

My laptop seems to have recovered from its troubles last week – though I did a hurried backup of all my files just in case – so I’m planning to see how long it will keep going before I have to replace it.

Brodie now refers to it as Mummy’s broken laptop which is a bit unfair. It’s not that bad. The casing just happens to have come apart a little at one side. On the plus side that means if I sneeze or otherwise move it when it’s on that side doesn’t press the off button and interrupt whatever I’m doing! Modern technology is great and all but I bet Blyton never had to worry about sneezing when she was typing at her trusty typewriter!

Noddy covers through the years part 2


Five Are Together Again

In The Three Sailors Tom, Joan and Eric have been taken out to sea on an upside-down table that was really only pretending to be a boat. They’re horrified and shouting for help but Daddy just shouts to them to get out and wade to shore.

Tom put one leg over the table into the sea. He clung hard to the table-leg and let himself go into the water. Splash!

What a surprise for him! Although he was so far out from the shore the sea was only up to his knees.

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that so I did think Daddy was being a bit cruel by laughing. We read this in Enid Blyton’s Holiday Stories but I also have it in The Gay Story Book where the lovely Soper illustration below can be found. Incidentally I’m certain the children’s names have been changed for Holiday Stories but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are now.



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