Monday #516

I find myself slightly less baffled by the passage of time, as I know that February is a short month and have been willing it to be over.

Before we know it, it’ll be March! The crocuses (croci?) are out in abundance around us – with Brodie pointing out (rather hopefully) – ‘the flowers are all coming out because it’s getting warmer!’. We did actually have a few unseasonably mild days – which I wasn’t ready for and didn’t dress accordingly – the past week but then it was back to being very cold again today.

I’m sure you’ll have seen that the Roald Dahl publishers have caved somewhat (or was it just a big marketing ploy all along?) and are going to publish the original books alongside their ‘sensitive’ versions. It would be excellent if the Blyton publishers would do the same but I think it is extremely unlikely. I have many thoughts on the Dahl saga – so may I didn’t even get them down on paper before the semi U-turn, but I may still post something about it all soon.

Anyway, for this week…

March round up


Five Are Together Again part 2

“Do you think Timmy will be on the station to meet us, barking madly?”

“Don’t be an ass,” said Dick. “He’s a clever dog, but not clever enough to read railway time-tables.”

One of the bits of banter between the Five that make reading the first half of Five Are Together Again more enjoyable than it might otherwise have been.


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