Monday #519

So let’s try that again! Last week I promised the last part of my Five Are Together Again reviews – the one with the nitpicks no less. I even had it all written and ready to go with the exception of a few points I needed to check. And then another bug hit our house (I swear we have caught everything going in the past year or so) and I did not open my laptop the rest of the week.

Five Are Together Again part 4


Enid Blyton’s Holiday Stories then and now

An oldish man with a beard—shuffling along, head bent forward—glasses on his nose—and large feet! Nicky brightened at once. “Might quite well be Uncle Bob!” he thought, and fell in behind him at once.

Of the other two, one was a postman with a large bag. He too had large feet, and was bent under the weight of his heavy bag. He had a small moustache, and mopped his face with a handkerchief as he went, giving a large sneeze as he passed the boys. They nudged one another.

“Bet that’s him!” whispered Ken. “You follow him and I’ll follow the old chap—just in case! I don’t think that other person’s any good. Small feet!”

Nicky and Ken go to meet Uncle Bob at the station in The Mystery that Never Was – but like Fatty, Uncle Bob might be in disguise…



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