Letters to Enid part 27: From volume 2 issue 15

I thought I was going to have to put this series back on pause until I could find the next issue (doing them out of order just seemed wrong!) but a friend has very kindly sent me photos of the cover and letters page so I can continue on for quite a while.

Pete, you’re a brick!

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Letters page from Volume 2, issue 15.
July 21st – August 3rd, 1954.



 1. A letter from Billie Bloss, Greenhithe, Kent.
Dear Miss Blyton,
I am writing to tell you about some goldfish. We keep these goldfish in our school. There are about six fish altogether. We have four in our class and two in another. We all helped to buy the fish tank. The way we bought the tank was to have a tin with a hole punched in the top, and we all bought pennies and saved up till we had enough to buy the tank. Iope I have not bored you with my letter.
Yours truly,
Billie Bloss.

(Indeed you haven’t bored me, Billie – you have won my letter prize! I hope other schools will do the same as yours did.)

2. A letter from Rita Watkinson, New Road, Ingleton.
Dear Enid Blyton,
A few weeks ago my friend and I gave a concert. We invited some friends and they each paid 6d., and altogether we got 6s. We want you to give it to the Children’s Home, please, because we have all reserved a place in our hearts for them and we are thankful that we have a mummy and daddy to love us.
Yours truly,
Rita Watkinson.

(Thank you, Rita, yours is a kind and generous letter.)

3. A letter from Christine Shaw, Stanbridge, Beds.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I put my bird-box on a tree in the garden and I hung a bone underneath. One day I saw a great-tit go into the box. I put some sheep’s wool into a net bag, and some fluff, and hung it up. The birds came to it, and after another week I looked in the box and saw a lovely nest made of wool and fluff. Next time I looked there were eight eggs. Now there are babies there, but they will soon be leaving because they are covered in black fluff. I am waiting to see them get out of the nest.
Yours sincerely,
Christine Shaw.

(How very interesting, Christine. You are lucky to have a family of tits in your box.)

A nice mixed-bag of letters this week. Of course there’s a fund-raising one, and often they win, but not this time. I’d loved to have heard more details of the concert, like what sort of music they played, or songs they sang. Was it popular hits of the day, or classical pieces?

Likewise I’d liked to have known more about the fish, as despite the letter being quite long not a lot was said about them!

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