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Blyton’s books in other languages

Your latest Blyton-buys

Childhood stories of reading Blyton, or having Blytonian adventures

Adulthood stories of reading Blyton, or having Blytonian adventures

Book reviews (any Blyton book – even if we’ve reviewed it already)

TV reviews, audiobook reviews, reviews of anything Blyton-related

Fan-fiction using Blyton’s characters (cross-overs with other authors is fine)

Your favourite books, characters, locations or series.

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32 Responses to Want to write for us?

  1. Bharathi Suresh says:

    The Faraway tree series , The Enchanted wood and The Magic Faraway Tree are two of the most enchanting books I’ve ever read. I’ve loved the lands at the top of the tree that keeps changing. Adorable Moonface and his slippery slip ,Fanny,Dick and Bessy, Dame Washalot..I feel so nostalgic when I am able to recollect these names again. This is what I grew up with and 40 years later I still adore them.Enid Blyton is my all time favorite author.I have read almost every title of Enid Blyton’s that I could lay my hands on. I still read and reread them over again. The excitement never fades .


  2. Freda says:

    I recently had the very good fortune to purchase a reasonably priced 1941 (D. M. Wheeler illustrated) edition of ‘The Enchanted Wood’ . Never having read this book in the 1950’s as a child, but having heard about the ‘Faraway’ series through the Enid Blyton Society, I am thoroughly enjoying making the acquaintance of the very entertaining characters that meet up with Jo, Bessie and Fanny. I agree with Bharathi’s sentiments entirely regarding this particular book – it is ‘enchanting’. Enid Blyton was an incredible writer with an imagination that, in my view, verged on ‘genius’. I am an avid reader of both adult and, in latter years, child fiction (English and German). On reading books by fairly current child writers – namely, Michael Ende, Cornelia Funk, and Paul Marr, I often wonder whether they, too, were influenced by Enid Blyton’s books – as they are also brilliant writers with incredible imaginations. Returning to the theme of the ‘Faraway’ series, particularly ‘The Enchanted Wood’ I feel that D. M. Wheeler’s illustrations perfectly complemented these wonderful books.


  3. Tara says:

    I want to put a book on this website that I have written but I don’t know how to. Can someone tell me?


  4. Snubby says:

    My three favourite characters are Snubby Lynton from the Barney Mysteries because he is a funny and a good character. Then Pip or Larry from the Mystery series because they are good characters. Then Philip Mannering (Adventure) because of his gift with animals. I have lots of Blyton books, I have Secret Seven, Famous Five, Adventure, Barney, Mystery, St Clares, Malory Towers, Naughtiest Girl, Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair.


  5. TheLastWord says:

    Hi, I just posted Chapter 1 of ‘Right Hand Man’ – a new mystery fan fiction novel based on EB characters – on my blog. Can I just provide a link here?

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  6. I Love Enid Blytons ‘s Five Find Outers and Dog series. I have loved to read these books from a very young age and I am now 74 and still get the same pleasure reading them. My favourite character is Fatty, followed by Pip who somehow always makes me smile with his quips. Ofcourse Mr. Goon’s part in the stories is invaluable as the charm lies in the Find Outers outwitting him each and every time. As for Buster, I love him to bits and though I have never had a dog of my own, the soft toy dog that I do have is named Buster.


    • fiona says:

      I have a stuffed Scottie called Buster too 🙂 (well actually I have two, ones just a few inches tall and the other is a much bigger one!)


  7. The Enid Blyton book in the Five Find Outers series that I like the most is The Mystery of the Invisble Thief . It is very interesting to find out who the thief is and more so in the way the clues are worked out. This really requires brains to solve and the FindOuters do a first class job . Fatty ofcourse is exceptional as is Buster who is always a joy to read about.
    Would like to know how other readers rate this book and what book in the series would they give top notch marks to.


  8. mrbooks15 says:

    I’ve been re-visiting and reviewing the Five Findouters books on my blog- have just Banshee Towers left- I’m also planning to read/re-read and review other series and standalones, can I post links here?


  9. Richard McGee says:

    Comment: I am a 70 year old male who first started reading Enid Blyton when I was given a 1949 copy of The Island of Adventure by a cousin. I then purchased a 1961 Dog Stories, 1961 Adventure Stories and a 1961 edition of The Boy Next Door from my local newsagents when I was aged 9 -11. I was hooked. I built up my collection over the years but since retiring I have tried to get 1st editions and have obtained quite a few via the Internet. My 1st editions include copies from The Adventure Series, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Malory Towers and I have the complete collection of the five Find Outers but in 1990 – 2000 editions. I have fairly recent editions of The Adventurous Four and The Secret series. I also have a 1952 edition of The Queer Adventure too. I am at present re-reading the Famous Five and am in the process of re-reading my whole collection. I will never tire of reading these books. Enid Blyton was such a wonderful author.


    • Fiona says:

      I’m thoroughly impressed by your ability to recall your first Blytons!


      • Richard McGee says:

        Thanks for your reply Fiona. It just goes to show how much of an impression Enid Blyton’s books made on me. I still have those early books in my possession.


        • Jamie says:

          I too, have built up a fairly big collection of Enid Blyton books, I have always read them since I was a child and have enjoyed in recent years, filling in all the gaps in my collection. The books that made the biggest impression on me, have been the Famous Five and the Five Find Outers series and I never tire of reading these enchanting books. They are so inspiring in fact, that even though I am an aspiring writer of adult fiction, I still have found time to write a Five Find Outers and a Famous Five novel just for the pleasure of doing so. I am currently writing a second Famous Five novel and am considering a Secret Seven after that, the characters have become so real to me and have especially been a great comfort during the pandemic.

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  10. Avan N. Cooberji says:

    If asked to choose between Fatty’s dog Buster and George’s dog Timmy, I would go for Buster. While both are’ topping dogs’ as the English say, Buster is too cute for words and an absolute darling. He is quite an actor too and knows how to pull at the heart strings with his adorable looks.


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