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Monday #427

It is now June and finally some sunshine and warmth has arrived! Enid Blyton: The Untold Story by Brian Carter and Cunningham and Petrov: The Mystery of the Missing Children chapter 10 ‘So boys are ham-handed, are they?’ said Dick, … Continue reading

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Funniest Scenes from the 90s Famous Five

Especially in the second series of the 90s Famous Five, we had some cracking funny and cringe worthy moments.  I thought we would have a look three of the best ones. 3. Uncle Quentin’s sandwiches in Five Run Away Together … Continue reading

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Putting the Famous Five in order

Sorry to anyone who thinks I’m about to skelp Julian for being bossy, or George for her temper. I actually want to do something even harder: put the series in order of most to least favourite. I’ve always had books … Continue reading

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Famous Five 90s Style: Five Have a Mystery to Solve

Five have a Mystery Solve is somewhere in the middle of my rankings of the Famous Five stories. Its neither one thing or the other. It signals the end of the series and the downward curve it takes from there. … Continue reading

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Five Have a Mystery to Solve: An exciting dramatised adventure

This is the last of the CDs that I have, and I’ve left this one to last as it’s one of my least favourite Fives. It’s hard to say why. Something to do with how un-Fiveish it is for them … Continue reading

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Recovering from illness in Blyton’s books, part 2

Part one covered the flu, and this blog will look at measles, coughs and colds. Not all of these illnesses lead to holidays and/or adventures, though the other illnesses still contribute to their stories’ plots. MEASLES The measles (or as … Continue reading

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Series Synopsis: The Famous Five Books 19-21

Here we are, at the end of this series of posts (did I just hear a lot of “phews” there?) One last time, there may be spoilers ahead. FIVE GO TO DEMON’S ROCKS, 1961 The Location: The village and lighthouse at … Continue reading

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