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Five Get Into a Fix part 3

Having used up an entire post just to talk about Aily, here are my thoughts about the solution to the mystery, my various other comments and of course the nitpicks. The solving of the mystery I was actually mildly disappointed … Continue reading

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The Secret Series covers through the years

I recently looked at the different covers used for the Famous Five books and The Adventure Series. One series. Five books. Four cover artists. The Secret Series is perhaps unusual due to how many different cover artists the series had. While … Continue reading

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Jack Arnold, part 2

Previously I looked at Jack’s origins and all his clever ideas for running away. Jack the captain Being the oldest and most responsible Jack is quickly declared captain of the little group. The children obey him without question and, in … Continue reading

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Blyton’s strangest homes

Recently I looked at Blyton’s secret but homely homes, where children turned caves and trees into lovely cosy places to stay. That got me thinking about some of the other strange ‘homes’ Blyton wrote about, and so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Putting the Secret Series in order

I have already ordered the Famous Five (in four parts!) and the Adventure Series and so now I’m going to do another favourite series of mine, the Secret Series. I’m hoping this will be quite an easy one as there … Continue reading

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The Secret Series on TV – Moon Castle

The previous episode went for a very modern sci-fi feel, which was miles away from the original story. This time around they seem to have gone for a ghostly one, which doesn’t sound all that far from the book, but … Continue reading

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The Secret of Moon Castle reviewed by Chris

This is the fifth and final book in Blyton’s ‘Secret’ series, and the only one of the series I have read. It was originally published in 1953 but the edition I have is the 1966 Armada paperback. Illustrations are by … Continue reading

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Recovering from illness in Blyton’s books, part 2

Part one covered the flu, and this blog will look at measles, coughs and colds. Not all of these illnesses lead to holidays and/or adventures, though the other illnesses still contribute to their stories’ plots. MEASLES The measles (or as … Continue reading

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