Firework Night – A poem by Enid Blyton

(By your dog and mine)

What's that?
Bang-Bang! Oh, Hark,
The guns are shooting in the dark!
Little guns and big ones too,
What shall I do?
Mistress, Master, hear me yelp,
I'm out-of-doors, I want your help.
Let me in-oh, LET ME IN
Before those fireworks begin
To shoot again-I can't bear that;
My tail is down, my ears are flat,
I'm trembling here outside the door,
Oh, don't you love me anymore?
I think I'll die with fright
Unless you let me in to-night.
 (Shall we let him in, children?)
Ah, now the door is opened wide,
I'm rushing through, I'm safe inside,
The lights are on, it's warm and grand-
Mistress, let me lick your hand
Before I slip behind the couch.
There I'll hide myself and crouch
In safety till the BANGS are done-
Then to my kennel I will run
And guard you safely all the night
Because you understood my fright.

The Poem “Firework Night” by Enid Blyton, has been copied above as it is written in the book “The Enid Blyton Poetry Book” (School Edition) published in 1934.

This particular poem focuses on a dog being scared by the fireworks on Bonfire Night. Blyton was a great lover of animals so this poem is from the dog’s point of view at being left outside on bonfire night. So just a friendly reminder and warning to all you out there with pets;

Please remember to bring your pets inside tonight and make them feel safe and secure!

Happy Bonfire night all!


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9 Responses to Firework Night – A poem by Enid Blyton

  1. Sandra Keeley says:

    Lovely little poem about when Bonfire Night was fun. Not for poor animals, though. But, nothing compared to the horrendous noise of modern society. Bring back sparklers, Catherine Wheels and lashings of ginger beer!


  2. Anonymous says:

    nyc poem i lke it


  3. Zaenub says:

    it is very good i loved it
    Enid Blyton


  4. Daisy Thonton_Saunby says:

    Is a dog speaking ¿


  5. Ananthi says:

    Yes, the poem is written from the point of view of a dog.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Question for all readers, Pls answer I need to know.

    What Sound Device????????


  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a good poem


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