Who are the Famous Five? a short guide

Here’s a short guide to who makes up the Famous Five and the grown-ups who are responsible for them during the adventure-filled school holidays.


Older brother to Dick and Anne, cousin to George. Julian is generally in charge of the Five as he is the oldest and most responsible (some might even call him bossy!)



Dick: Younger brother to Julian, older brother to Anne and cousin to George. Dick is always hungry and injects humour into their adventures.



George: Cousin to Julian, Dick and Anne. George’s real name is Georgina but she wants so badly to be a boy that she dresses as one and won’t answer to Georgina. George can be sulky and displays a magnificent scowl on regular occasions. George dotes on her dog Timmy and dislikes anyone who doesn’t like him.

five go to smuggler's top


Younger sister to Julian and Dick, cousin to George. Anne is the youngest of the group and usually more easily scared than the others. She is usually the one to keep house, caravan or cave for the others, and takes charge when it comes to preparing meals and the like. Has been known to turn into a tiger on the odd occasion.

anne, five go off to camp


George’s dog. Timmy is a large, brown cross-breed loved by the four human members of the Five. He has proved invaluable when facing off with enemies, and truly seems to understand everything that the children say.



George’s parents. Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny live in Kirrin Cottage on Kirrin Bay. Uncle Quentin is a world famous scientist, very short tempered and very forgetful. He is as known for his angry outbursts when anyone dares to slam a door when he is working, as he is for absent-mindedly putting mustard on his toast or custard on his fish. The children love Aunt Fanny as she is very kind to them and always provides a good spread at meal times.

quentin and fanny


The Kirrins’ Cook. Always on hand to provide a sumptuous meal or fantastic picnic. Has to protect the larder with a rolling pin on occasion if Timmy or Dick feels like an impromptu snack.

joan joanna

The Five had 21 thrilling  full-length adventures:

Five on a Treasure Island • Five Go Adventuring Again • Five Run Away Together •Five Go to Smuggler’s Top • Five Go Off in a Caravan • Five on Kirrin Island Again • Five Go Off to Camp • Five get into Trouble • Five Fall into Adventure • Five on a Hike Together • Five Have a Wonderful Time • Five Go Down to the Sea • Five Go to Mystery Moor • Five Have Plenty of Fun • Five on a Secret Trail • Five Get Into a Fix • Five Go to Billycock Hill • Five on Finniston Farm • Five Go to Demon’s Rocks • Five Have a Mystery to Solve • Five Are Together Again.

And eight shorter ones:

George’s Hair is Too Long • Well Done Famous Five! • Good Old Timmy! • A Lazy Afternoon • Five Have a Puzzling Time • Five and a Half-Term Adventure • Happy Christmas, Five • When Timmy Chased the Cat.

The Five met many interesting characters on these adventures and you will be introduced to them in our upcoming summaries of all 21 books and the short stories.

Image from the cover of 'Five on Finniston Farm', taken from the Cave of Books at www.enidblytonsociety.co.uk

Image from the cover of Five on Finniston Farm

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  1. Pete says:

    A very good summary.Well done! Really like the new header pic of Enid’s books!


  2. sunskriti says:

    Yes really, Fiona and Stef, great summary out there!!


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