The Party – A poem by Enid Blyton

Christmas is fast approaching and for many people that’ll mean at least one Christmas party this weekend. Here’s a poem by Blyton about a Christmas party.

You take off your coat and you change your shoes,
The party’s begun, there’s no time to lose,
You can hear them “Gathering Nuts in May”,
And you’re simply longing to go in and play.

There’s Twirl-the-Tray, and you twirl it fast,
And Musical Chairs, and you’re left in last,
There’s Twos and Threes and General Post,
And you really don’t know which you like the most.

There’s tea, with ginger and chocolate cake,
And coloured jellies that shiver and shake,
There’s trifle with cream, and pink strawberry ice,
There’s Christmas cake, too, and they cut you a slice.

There are dozens of crackers to pull with a bang,
There’s a Christmas tree, too, on which gay presents hang,
And then, oh dear, how the time does fly,
It’s “Thank you for having me!” and “Goodbye!”

Originally published in Teachers World  No.1496 Jan 27, 1932. Copied from The Tenth Holiday Book, published 1955 by Sampson Low.

Office Children's Party

Office Children’s Party (Photo credit: Mish Mish)

Whatever kind of party you’ve got lined up we hope you have fun 🙂

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