My Favourite Birthday Cake – Enid Blyton Style

I think I might have mentioned it once or twenty times twice, but Five Go to Smuggler’s Top is one of my favourite books. For that reason my lovely mother made me this cake for my ninth birthday – though she missed out the apostrophe that Smuggler’s Top is supposed to have. I won’t hold that against her though. Much.

My most favourite birthday cake

That in itself seems a blog-worthy story, but something really funny then happened on the day of my birthday party.

My friend Lesley – also a Blyton fan – ran up to the cake, and said “oooh, I love this book” and then tried to open it. The cake.  Which was just a cake, and not some sort of impressive feat of baked engineering, so all that happened was the cake ended up with a couple of fingermarks on it, and I had one slightly embarrassed party guest.  No real harm was done, though and the cake was cut up and eaten later anyway.

Not only was it a really cool cake, it tasted great too. I bet this year’s cake will be lovingly bought from Tesco, but still, cake is cake!

Did you ever get an Enid Blyton themed cake? Or were any of your birthday cakes mistaken for the real thing? Share your stories in the comments!

PippaStef Edit: I just want to say that, even though she’s too modest to say so herself, I think you ought to know that funnily enough, today is Fiona’s birthday! (I won’t say how young she is, however!) In which case, I ask you to join me in wishing her a Happy Birthday!

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1 Response to My Favourite Birthday Cake – Enid Blyton Style

  1. Poppy Hutchinson says:

    Happy Birthday Fiona! What a great cake your mother made you on your ninth birthday, I’ll certainly hint to my mum about that!


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