More Monday Musings

Another Monday has come around, and you may have noted that we didn’t have our regular “this is what’s coming up this week” post last week, and that was because we had enough material to keep going through Monday (not to mention the fact we got carried away with the schedule function on WordPress).

To get back in the pattern, here is a Monday’s musing blog!

Last week we reached 3000+ views, to all of you who have been checking in with us and reading our posts and to those who have commented, thank you so much. It really means something to know what our work here isn’t going unread!

This week we have another part of Fiona’s Childhood Books to keep you interested, some more poems, the last in Fiona’s instalments of the Famous Five summaries, and a blog on the Famous Five TV Series. Plus lots of more exciting stuff to look at!

Just a quick shout out, we are still looking for anyone who wishes to contribute to the blog, please go to the “Want to Write for World of Blyton?” page at the top of the blog to find out how to write for us!

In the meantime:


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