Monday with milestones and maps

Monday has snuck up on us again, it feels like it was only yesterday I was writing about it being the first Monday of a new year.

Last week I listed some of what was to come on the blog and much of it is still yet-to-come. We did introduce the two new writers, though, and we’ve actually got another writer to introduce you to very soon.

Our big news this week though is that we’ve now passed 5,000 views! We’ve actually added a little ticker to the main page – it’s in the right side column near the bottom – under the category cloud and above the email link – right now it reads 5,375 hits. I posted a world map of our views in our 2,000 views post and here is an updated one:

Blog views by country

Blog views by country

There are quite a few new countries coloured in now perhaps most noticeably those in South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador) and Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden).

Thank you to everyone who’s ever stopped by to read what we’ve written, to all of our contributors without whom we’d sometimes not have anything to post and to the forumites who put up with our incessant blog-talk on the forums.

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1 Response to Monday with milestones and maps

  1. Gerry Francis Kelly says:

    The world of Blyton is growing by the week – thanks to your wonderful blog.


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