Enid Blyton’s Blue Plaque Appeal

Now, before you get confused, we are posting on a Tuesday, but it won’t disrupt our schedule. The second part of Aaron’s review on The Children of Cherry Tree Farm is still ready to go up for tomorrow, but this is very important.

As a few of you may know Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshire, was Enid Blyton’s home town for a long time, and the some of the residents and powers that be have decided to celebrate the great lady’s life by having a week long festival. There is also talk of unavailing a Blue Plaque in honour of her life there.

Unfortunately some people who live in Beaconsfield are not impressed and are campaigning against the plaque and the festival by claiming that Blyton’s work is outdated, sexist and racist. In fact the usual string of arguments against Blyton’s work.

However, one quite amazing young lady has started a petition in support of the Enid Blyton Blue Plaque and Festival.

And for all you Blyton lovers out there, who visit our blog, all we’re asking of you is to sign this petition and lend your support to those who wish to celebrate Enid Blyton’s life and work.

So please, please, please sign this petition today.

It only takes a moment and all you need is your name and email address to get started. If you love Blyton, help us and this wonderful young lady get Blyton’s work recognised in her home town.

Thank you.

English: Blue plaque for Enid Blyton near Dulw...

A Blue Plaque for Enid Blyton near Dulwich Library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to Enid Blyton’s Blue Plaque Appeal

  1. Corinna says:

    I used to live down the road from the Dulwich plaque, and got such a thrill the first time I saw it!


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