Just Another Manic Monday

Time certainly is hurtling past us at a fair speed of knots and I, for one, wish it wouldn’t!

We are less than two weeks away from Easter, the clocks still haven’t gone forward and we have hardly had a hint of spring. I can tell you now that this never happened in Blyton’s books. Cold AND rain in the spring, definitely not. How often did the Famous Five have to forgo their plans because the weather was just not up to scratch?

Certainly no more than a handful of times over the course of 21 adventures. As it stands right now, I won’t be bringing you the third instalment of my Bourne End blogs for at least a few weeks yet. I apologise to anyone who was looking forward to that!

Scheduled for this week we have Ben’s next Secret Seven blog on Wednesday, and I’m not sure what Fiona will treat you to this week. It may be her favourite search terms, her Valley of Adventure review or something completely unexpected. I’m sorry to say that it looks like we won’t be seeing another Trent, Mannering and Kirrin date fan fiction at the moment. But we never know!

If Fiona doesn’t treat you to some fan fiction, I may fill the void with part five of my fan fiction.

Repeating what Fiona said last week about the Enid Blyton Society’s journal, it is on its 50th issue and is a smashing addition to any Blyton lover’s collection. Please head on over to the website and subscribe to the journal. It is well worth your ten pounds a year!

So head on over and subscribe and have a good week!

With that food for thought, I shall leave you with this picture of the Famous Five in Dundee searching for spook trains on the same walk Fiona did a few weeks ago.

The Famous Five investigate reports of a spook train on the Dundee to Newtyle railway line.

The Famous Five investigate reports of a spook train on the Dundee to Newtyle railway line. (L-R Paul Child, Jemima Rooper, Marco Williamson, Laura Petela)

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1 Response to Just Another Manic Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Hi Pippastef,

    Wow!!! A Blog on Bourne End sounds absolutely irresistible to me. I can’t wait to read it (I’m just in the process of reading all your automated World of Blyton messages since the day I joined) and in case you don’t know (I mentioned it probably a dozen times in EBS at different forums): in September 2008 while my husband was working for many months in Uxbridge near London, we took the train to Marlow.

    We walked the long long river path from Marlow to Bourne End, admired the houses on the other side of the river (one looks a bit like a castle), took many photos, discovered Winter Hill aka Christmas Hill, saw lots of cows next to the path and finally had a look through the high fence/hedge around Old Thatch on Coldmoorholm Lane which was not open on that day. And then we needed to catch the train back to Uxbridge.

    It was an unforgettable day for us (especially for me) and we were lucky that it was sunny, dry and warm.
    Well, I just reached the World of Blyton message from 20th of March, so I should reach the one about Bourne End tomorrow or on Friday.

    Great idea to create a Bourne End blog!!! 🙂


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