Julian’s News, chapter 4

Well after the gushing reviews and pleas for more fan fiction I got for the last post, you can all breathe a sigh of relief because part five is here!

In case you missed any of them the previous fan fiction pieces can be found in order here:

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I hope you all feel that George’s reaction is authentic. I did the best I could with her, but it took me a really long time to write this part because I wanted so desperately to get her perfect and right. She’s such a hard character to mimic and I truly believe that only Blyton would be capable of writing George properly.

So I am sorry if you don’t like George here, and I have got her wrong, but please understand that I did my very very best trying to  write her for you all.

Please enjoy, review and share!


Dick was standing behind her looking apologetic as Julian’s eyes fixed on George. She looked lost and angry; angry that he was keeping something from her.

“Oh George, you haven’t given me chance to tell you! I did try earlier, but you were so keen to talk about the adventure,” Julian said, as Anne slipped past the two of them to stand with Dick. She was a little afraid at what might happen next.

“What haven’t I given you a chance to tell me?” George asked, in a funny choked up voice.

“I haven’t had chance to tell you about Sally, my girlfriend,” Julian said. He wasn’t going to beat about the bush, he wasn’t one to do so.

He hadn’t meant for George to be the last to know about Sally, it was just the way it had worked out.

“ You’ve got a girlfriend,” George said, as Dick winced at her tone of voice. “Why didn’t you just say so Ju? Why did you have to be so secretive?”

“I didn’t know how you would all feel about it.” Julian said quietly.

“So I was last on your list to tell?” George asked, her temper starting to get the better of her.

“No, George, you weren’t. I was going to try to tell you this morning, I just never found the words, and then Anne guessed…”

“I suppose Dick was told yesterday,” George added angrily.

“It was hard not to as he had pretty much guessed anyway, George,” Julian said trying to take her arm. She shook him off angrily.

“George,” he said reproachfully.

“Don’t touch me,” she said her anger not disguising her sadness. “I see how this goes; I get left out of things because we’re only cousins.”

“George are you listening to yourself?” Julian asked, amazed at her and beginning to feel his own temper rising. “More to the point are you listening to me? I said I was going to tell you this morning but never found a chance!”

“I don’t think you tried,” George shot back, pushing past him and grabbing her coat off its hook and opening the front door.

“George, don’t!” Anne called as she watched her cousin disappear into the cold morning.

“George, come back!” Julian shouted moving to the door.

They all heard a muffled ‘No’ from their cousin as she stamped off through the cold morning with Timmy running along at her heels.

“Should we go after her?” Anne asked, looking upset.

“You two stay here,” Julian said, reaching for his own coat. “I’ll go after her. After all this is my mess and I need to be the one to clear it up!”

“But if I hadn’t been talking to you about it…” Anne started.

“No, Anne. None of this is your fault,” Julian said as he wrapped his scarf around his neck.

“It’s not your fault either, Ju,” Dick said quietly. “You did mean to tell her before Anne.”

“Yes, but I should have told you all together last night,” Julian said as he buttoned up his coat and reached for the door handle.

“You two stay here and help Aunt Fanny, I’ll be back with George as soon as possible,” Julian added as he stepped outside.

“She might not come back that easily. You know how stubborn she is,” Dick reminded his brother.

“Well I can be just as stubborn as she is,” Julian said, his face set and determined.

“Good luck,” Anne said to Julian as he turned and headed up the cottage path after George.

Julian hurried along the path, heading towards the beach to see if George had gone that way. He doubted that she would have headed towards the village, where people would want to know what the matter was. When she was upset George always wanted to be on her own with Timmy.

Julian caught sight of George as he rounded the corner on the road down to the beach. He could hear her footsteps quickly moving away from him. He didn’t run after her; that would be foolish as George would just keep running. So Julian walked along the path slowly, hoping that she had gone to the beach where it would be quiet with all the fishermen were still out in their boats.

When he reached the beach he followed George’s footsteps along the sand until he reached the rocks further along the beach. George was sitting on an outcrop a little way off with her arm around Timmy.

As Julian watched he saw George brush her hand over her eyes. Very carefully Julian started to make his way over the rocks towards his cousin. As he drew nearer he was greeted by an eager Timmy’s bark.

George turned around and eyed him coldly. “Go away,” she said fiercely to Julian. “I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Well I want to talk to you,” Julian said, sitting down next to her on the rock. “George, you need to know that I didn’t mean for you to be the last one to find out about Sally. I did try this morning to tell you but when you said she was silly to get herself kidnapped, I didn’t want to tell you because I wasn’t sure how you would take the news.”

He didn’t add that he hadn’t liked her calling Sally silly.

“I should have told you all together last night, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood,” he explained.

Julian wasn’t looking at George, knowing she wouldn’t like it if he saw her crying. However he heard her sniff as he spoke. He stopped speaking. He wasn’t sure how much more he was supposed to apologise for. It wasn’t his fault that he had Sally in his life now, although he knew he should have told the others when they were all together; that would have been fairer on George at least but Julian felt that he had said enough.

George, he felt, was acting up just because she had been the last to be told. So he sat and waited for her to speak first.

George sat, staring out to Kirrin Island, not daring to look at Julian, and feeling her anger rise up in her. Recently she had begun to conquer her temper better, giving in gracefully, but this had riled her.

She hated being the last to know, and it all felt so secretive. It was unfair that Dick and Anne should know about Julian’s girlfriend before she did. She was also angry at Julian for getting himself a girlfriend. George had been serious earlier when she had told him that she thought Sally had been silly to get herself kidnapped. George chose to ignore the way Julian had praised Sally’s manner during her rescue, only remembering that Julian had said that Sally had cried after they had untied her. George remembered the circumstances of her own kidnappings very differently.

George imagined Sally as some weak girl who would cry at the drop of a hat, as Anne had once done and would have not put up a fight with her kidnapper. George could not imagine how Julian could even like someone like that, weak and silly. However, George had never thought of Julian liking anyone like that before. It had never crossed her mind that he might one day have a girlfriend and leave the Famous Five behind.

George wanted the Five to go on forever; it was the only way she could see her life.  She never imagined that the others would have different plans.

“You’d like Sally, George. I really think you would, you’re both very similar.”

George didn’t say a word in response, much to Julian’s annoyance.

Julian sighed, stood up and looked down at George, regret and sadness etched on his face.

“ I’m sorry you’re upset with me, but if you won’t talk to me George, I can do no more. There is only so much apologising I can do. I’ll see you back at Kirrin Cottage when you’re ready.”

With that Julian patted Timmy lovingly on the head and started walking back to Kirrin Cottage, upset at George’s attitude. Why couldn’t she see that he hadn’t meant things to work out this way?

‘Damn George and her tempers!’ Julian thought crossly as he opened the front door to Kirrin Cottage and the worried faces of Dick and Anne.

Continued in chapter 5

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1 Response to Julian’s News, chapter 4

  1. Francis says:

    Don’t worry Stef, you have got George to a ‘T’. This is just the reaction I would have expected. How true to life is it that the person who needs (for emotional reasons) to know first gets to know last. I think the core of George’s reaction is a feeling of rejection that runs deep due to her very lonely upbringing. She has reverted into childish reactions which we fully understand. I believe that her deep love of Julian will overcome this but it is a matter of time with Julian letting her work it through – I can’t wait for the next episode! I wonder what will be the catalyst that enables George to reconcile with Julian. Well done Stef – another triumph!


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