Another Monday

Monday comes around far too quickly doesn’t it? And we’re so close to the end of April that it doesn’t seem possible. At least we’ve had some much improved and decent weather this week. Such good weather in fact that I got sunburnt while re-reading In the Fifth at Malory Towers which was supposed to be my blog for you yesterday, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it in time. Fiona swooped in like a saviour and sorted out the April showers  poem for you to enjoy.

This week we passed 14,000 views! We’re so grateful to everyone who pops in and even more grateful for our regular readers who keep coming back!

This week we bring you Ben’s next Secret Seven review; Go Ahead Secret Seven. You can check out his past reviews here.

I know that Fiona’s got a couple of blogs to choose from, for example the next part of her Eva Rice reviews or her next recovering from illnesses blog. Like you, I look forward to seeing what she treats us to!

As for me? Well. I dropped the ball (in more ways than you could imagine) last week, but I have a new piece on baking Blyton’s food that should be ready for you to view.

I’m afraid I can’t offer you much else, even in the way of Fan Fiction as my Julian’s News pieces have rather hit a brick wall. Any ideas are welcome! And on that particular issue, I have added a new tag to the fan fiction to make it more user-friendly. Just check the bottom of the page for the tag “Julian’s News” to see the series of fan fiction together.

I can’t really think if there is any more to tell you, so I’ll leave you with some of my favourite nature pictures to enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1 Response to Another Monday

  1. Francis says:

    What wonderful photos – I’m very jealous!


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