Bank Holiday Monday

Well we had some rather un-inspiring weather on Saturday, but Sunday the weather perked up and seems to be staying with us all of Monday, which is good. This will the second bank holiday in a row where we’ve had lovely weather!

We are almost at 16,500 views on the blog, and we reached 16,000 just after Monday last week. So yay for us!

In other news it is just under three weeks until the Enid Blyton Society’s trip to Beckenham, so don’t forget to get in touch if you fancy joining us!

So this week  we have no definite contributor, because we have finished our back log of contributors blogs for the moment (hopefully). If we get nothing by Tuesday, we shall treat you to the first couple of chapters of Poppy’s fan fiction based on the Adventure Series.

By all rights this week I should give you May’s Flowers, fittingly as it is the last week of May, but failing this you may have to have another recipe from me or my first (and rather late) TV series comparison, assuming that it’s been checked again and had the pictures added!

From Fiona, the one thing I think she’s been working on is her “Humpty Dumpty and Belinda” review. Though she may surprise us with another Adventure review or something else, who can tell?

Right now, I’m enjoying the last of the sunshine on Sunday evening, and looking forward to having a similar day in the sun tomorrow!

To celebrate the sun, I’ll leave you with some more of my best pictures!


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4 Responses to Bank Holiday Monday

  1. Pete says:

    Lovely pics.Thanks for posting them for us.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    I enjoyed the pics, too. Did you take them?
    Over here in the US it’s Memorial Day weekend with Monday off.


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