Stef and I have had a very Blyton-y weekend! I’ve been down staying with her so we’ve gone on lots of trips.

We’ve been to Blyton Close (the site of Green Hedges), Bekonscot the model village of Beaconsfield which has a model of Green Hedges, Beckenham where Enid grew up, and Old Thatch at Bourne End. Phew!

We will of course be blogging about all of these trips, so you’ll see some of them this week. Our contributor this week is Darrell with another character exploration.

We’ve reached 18,000 views this week, and we have 92 followers! We have decided to give away a prize when we reach 100 followers! Once we get to 100 (get following!) we’ll announce all the details. For now I’ll tell you you can win an Enid Blyton book provided you a) follow us, b) comment on the prize thread and c) live in the UK (unfortunately we are poor and can’t afford international postage, so sorry to our international followers.)

Our other news is that we’ve produced some business cards for the blog! We handed some out this weekend to people and they were quite well received. They’re sort of hand-made too!

Here’s just a wee taster of what we got up to and what we’ll be blogging about later.

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3 Responses to Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Lovely pics and very nice text as always!
    BTW I visited Blyton Close in May 1981, but didn’t know about the model village way back then. Where is Bekonscot located?


  2. francis says:

    Stef – you never stop. I was tired just doing Beckenham – help I am getting old! Look forward to seeing your photos of Beckenham – mine are hopeless.


  3. Sandra Keeley says:

    Terrific article and lovely photos. You’re so lucky! I’m glad you both had a good time. Thanks so much for sharing it. I hope to visit some Enid Blyton and Famous Five sights some day.


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