Sunskriti’s Character of the Month: Peter from The Secret Seven

For this month’s character exploration, I’m going to write about Peter, from the Secret Seven. I chose him because he’s probably my least favourite character in all of Blyton books. Basically, he’s the leader/ head of the Secret Seven Society. But a good leader should give everyone a fair chance.

Peter at work on the Secret Seven Sign. Drawn by George Brook 1949.

Peter at work on the Secret Seven sign. Drawn by George Brook 1949.

I agree that Peter does this up to some extent, as when the Secret Seven get on to something, and there are jobs to be done, he tried to make sure no one does a job twice. But this is the only form of true leadership on his part.
Peter is a bossy, domineering creature, who I feel has been portrayed as over-bossy. Yet the others must fear him, for not one of the Secret Seven ever object to his conduct. The others, who are in no way lesser than Peter anywhere, have to be pushed about by him constantly.

The reason given in the books, as to why Peter is the leader, is that he started the society. But what’s a society without members? Peter alone can’t form a society. Yet, he doesn’t realize this, and that the reason why his society exists is the other six. If only he would realize this and give every one a fair chance, he would become a much more likeable character!

Once, on the Enid Blyton Society Forums, someone described Peter as being insecure and I totally agree with this. The password, for instance, can show this. To give him a sense of power and dictatorial value, he has set up the password. If you think about it, Peter himself never has to worry about remembering the password, as he reaches the shed first, and the other six have to remember it and Peter can decide who enters the shed! So unfair!

Peter conducting a Secret Seven meeting. Drawn by George Brook 1949.

Peter conducting a Secret Seven meeting. Drawn by George Brook 1949.

One thing I can’t understand, though, is why the other six put up with it, especially Janet, his sister. She and Peter have thought out the idea of the club, so she should have a share of the leadership, I’m sure. Yet she puts up with him. One thing I would have loved was for the other six to leave the Secret Seven and form a club of their own! That would have put Peter in his place.

But anyway, enough of the negative talk, if you forget his bossiness, there is nothing wrong about Peter really, and he’s sound at heart. If I was asked to, I would define him as a naturally bossy, slightly insecure kid, who likes to be in charge, but has the right ideas about things, and is good at heart.

All pictures taken from the Cave of Books.

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9 Responses to Sunskriti’s Character of the Month: Peter from The Secret Seven

  1. francis says:

    Nice exploration of a character I am unfamiliar with. I like hearing about this series of books as it was one of those that I missed reading when I was young.


  2. Tony Benn says:

    I think there’s a lot wrong with Peter. A fascist in the making.


  3. Pete says:

    Nice post Sunskriti.I too have always struggled with Peter’s bossy personality.I used to imagine what a Secret Society run by Jack’s exciting character,Susie,would be like!


  4. sunskriti says:

    Thanks guys! Francis, yeah, you should really read the books, though I do consider myself too old to read them now, and you are, last I checked, a great deal older than me! 😀 ;D

    Tony Benn, I think a fascist is too strong a word, but Peter’s certainly almost there!

    Pete, a society run by Susie would be a model one! One thing I always wished for was for the 7 and her to be friends! She’s a wonderful character, and described as being sharp several times throughout the series!


  5. Tara says:



  6. mariam nadim says:

    I am for peter not against him


  7. Miraya says:

    I think Peter is bossy to but on the other side I think he has a open heart for others.


  8. Padré says:

    Peter is the best one of the Seven. He is the one who notices things that others overlook, who makes that breakthrough, who puts the pieces together and realises what is going on. The others are aware of this so they are happy to let him take the lead. The Seven are always successful and they always follow his orders. I don’t think that is a coincidence!


  9. While Peter has his moments, he always annoyed me. When I was little and my mother used to read to me. even she commented that Peter was bossy and rude with it, the way he always shouts at anyone who says the password too loudly for his liking. I actually remember Jack making a lot of breakthroughs. Also, the girls never get to do any of the dangerous or fun investigation. I mean, poor Pam – in the sixth book, Peter says to her face that he thought she wasn’t as good a member as everyone else (followed by adding that because of some deduction, now he knows she is). Well, maybe if you let the girls do something, Pam would prove herself to be the best member (I don’t really think that, but hey, it’s possible).


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