Maybe Monday

Gosh is it Monday already? It would appear so!

So after leaving Fiona to do the last two Monday posts, I’m back (oh no I hear you cry!) but I can promise you some spiffing blogs this week. Our Wednesday Blog is Ben’s next Secret Seven review, which I’m sure you’re all looking forward to!

From me this week, part Seven of Julian’s News which will hopefully answer some of your cliff hanger questions!

Fiona might be treating us to the a blog on the tour we did around Beckenham three weeks ago, if not I’m sure you’ll all enjoy what she provides! 🙂

In other news, we’re five followers away from reaching 100 followers on the blog! Keep spreading the word if you want to win a smashing Blyton book (open to UK residents only).

Our big news of last week was that we reached a massive 20,000 views! So thank you to everyone who has dropped on by and subscribed and commented, it really means a lot to us!

For a spot of fun, see if you can name these birds from my resent travels!

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3 Responses to Maybe Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    The big photo where the bird is surrounded by water looks like a loon (I thought they have them only in the US).
    The last bird is too small for an eagle. My guess is he could be a falcon?
    On top of the “falcon” photo on the very right side, I could imagine that this is a mallard duck.


  2. Mr P pete9012s says:

    Hi Stef, Just wondered if the short story I sent last week was any good for your blog? I will include it here again in case it didn’t get to you!




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