Sunskriti’s Character Exploration: Dick of the Famous Five

I was wondering who to choose for my character exploration for August yesterday. Then I suddenly thought of Dick Kirrin, Julian’s little brother and one of the four children from the Famous Five.

Dick climbing down the well in 'Five on a Treasure Island'

Dick climbing down the well in ‘Five on a Treasure Island’

Dick has always been one of my faves, for I see many things in him I would one day like to
see in myself. Also, I’ve always felt sorry for him, as he’s in my mind a misunderstood character.

Say, for example, that, during one of their hair-raising adventures, the five are separated, and Julian is captured. George, Timmy, Anne and Dick re-meet. I consider Dick more than able to handle the four and keep them as safe as possible. In fact, as he’s not so bossy, I would say, up to some extent, he would handle the situation better than Julian. And, believe me, to pacify an anxious little sister and furious cousin is not a simple job. Not to mention a very lively dog!

Dick has a ready sense of humour and a way to handle George that I never understood. He’s always been over-shadowed by his older brother, and never really gotten to blossom on his own. I personally think it would do Dick a world of good if he was the oldest.

He can keep his cool and doesn’t get flustered easily. I bet you can’t think of even one incident where Dick is portrayed as angry. He brightens the mood considerably, yet knows when it is not the time to speak. He is quite polite and well brought up, and, of course, sound at heart. He thinks before he acts and is never shown as an idiot, as, say Nora from the Secret Series can be.

If I had to be one of the Famous Five, I would be Timmy, and right after him, Dick!
I would define him as a nice, pleasant kid with good manners, a ready sense of humour, and plenty of patience. Brave and sound at heart and not at all afraid of anything, Dick shows good leadership qualities, and I imagine him to be somewhere high up in this world as an adult.

Dick hits Jo in 'Five Fall Into Adventure.'

Dick hits Jo in ‘Five Fall Into Adventure.’


As usual images are from the cave of books.

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4 Responses to Sunskriti’s Character Exploration: Dick of the Famous Five

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Sunskriti, that’s how I always feel about Dick, too.
    In the Adventure series, Philip and Jack obviously share the leadership, none of them seems particularly keen on being the leader.
    In the FF however, it’s a fact from vol. 1 on that Julian is the leader due to his older age and an abundance of self-confidence :).
    Actually I never thought of Julian as being bossy, because he had quite some responsibility for the other three kids on their adventures and with Quentin and Fanny away most of the time. That Julian is considered bossy is something that I did read for the first time in one of the EBS threads.However, Dick has lots of courage, for instance when he locks the baddies in the dungeon room in the first FF volume.
    Very nice review. 5 stars.


  2. Francis says:

    I always liked Dick when I was young and identified with him with his sense of humour. I think you have summarised his character very well.


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  4. Yep, that really sums it up for me. He’s funny, a kind person, even tempered and although he teases the girls, he’s actually the witty, smart person of the group. TV Tropes actually defined him as the “Only Sane Man” of the group, “Though Julian seems to think it’s him”. He’s also got a more progressive streak by what I can tell. He doesn’t overprotect the girls like Julian does, but is protective of Anne. He probably respects George as an honorary boy the most of any of the Five. I remember his kindness towards Jo in particular. In her first adventure when she helped them find George, she kept saying “I’m not doing this for her. I’m doing it for Dick.” because that’s how much she liked him. In her second and third appearance, she was most excited to see him over the other three humans (Timmy was another member of the group she really liked). He’s sort of the mediator that keeps the dynamic from getting too serious and causing a rift. I guess, kind of the glue of the Five.


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