Monday Again

Well, it’s another week already, and I hope this weeks runs more smoothly than last week did (i.e. I hope I don’t forget to blog this time!)

Stef plans to do August Flowers this week, and our contributor will be Sunskriti who has chosen to look at Dick Kirrin. I will do what I mean to do last week, which is review The Circus of Adventure.

I should admit now, I almost forgot to write this post. It’s currently twenty past midnight and I still have to finish my hair (what an atrociously girly thing to say!) and get to bed as I’m up at seven, so I’m afraid it will be short but hopefully sweet.

We hit 25,000 views this week on the blog, hooray! But to keep this up, we really do need more contributors, so please, send us you ramblings!

I will leave you, again, with a few random photos I’ve taken in the last week.

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3 Responses to Monday Again

  1. pippastef says:

    I adore the picture of the caterpillar! That was a lucky find!


  2. chrissie777 says:

    Very lovely pics, Fiona :)!


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