The Passing of Summer – A poem by Enid Blyton

Today I have decided to bring you one of Blyton’s poems, because we haven’t had one in a long time.

This one is called The Passing of Summer and I thought it was appropriate as we are slowly slipping away from the warm summer that we’ve enjoyed.

The Passing of Summer

There’s a whisper through the trees,
Summer’s going!
And a warning chills the bees,
Autumn’s blowing!
Cull the honey while you may,
Velvet bees, along the way!

There’s a murmur from the stream,
Summer’s leaving!
And the dragon-flies that gleam
Fall a-grieving!
Play a while, you pretty things,
With the Sunshine on your wings!

There’s a message from the sea,
Summer’s dying,
Little swallows, wild and free,
Stay your flying,
Linger while the sun is bright.
Ere you call your last good night!

What a lovely little poem it is! I hoped you enjoyed it!

Bee on thistle at Monikie

Bee on thistle at Monikie

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3 Responses to The Passing of Summer – A poem by Enid Blyton

  1. Francis says:

    Thank you Stef. How wonderful Enid was at evoking the seasons and nature.


  2. Hummingwords says:

    I ❤ her poems! so full of a certain charming innocence they are!


  3. drake says:



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