First Monday of February

That’s the first month of a new year already gone, I’m not quite sure I believe it. It has been very, very cold though and we’ve seen the odd bit of snow lately so I hope February is a little kinder to us, even if I don’t hold out too much hope.

Our pleas for a contributor post were answered this week and so on Wednesday we will have Chris who has written about reading some Blyton books in French. I will be comparing the next chapters of The Island of Adventure on Friday then on Sunday Stef is going to review The Mountain of Adventure.

We hit a big milestone this week when we reached 100,000 views. That may be tiny to some people (there are sites who can get that in a day, easily, if not an hour) but it’s huge for us. To think that our little blog has been seen a hundred thousand times in a little over two years is just amazing. So thank you if you’ve read us, written for us, shared our links, commented or had any part in our success.

As always I’ll end on a few photos, this week from walks in Angus.

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3 Responses to First Monday of February

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Hi Fiona, such beautiful pics! Is that a pheasant? It looks very much like the pheasants we observed on Herm. BTW I posted lots of photos from the blizzard last week on FB.


  2. zanyzigzag says:

    Love the pictures!


  3. Francis says:

    Nice to see glimpses of nature in winter – thank you Fiona.


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