Muddle Up Monday

After last week where we didn’t have a contributor, we have Chris this week, with a look at Uncle Quentin. I shan’t reveal any more than that, because it is rather a nifty piece. Think of it this way, it will make you wonder!

Fiona and I are going to do a bit of a swap around this week. I shall be doing the Friday post (I hope I don’t forget!) and I plan to look at some of the niggly problems surrounding the Philpot twins in Five on Finniston Farm and Malcolm Saville’s Lone Pine twins.

Fiona is going to delight you with the second part of her Famous Five Annual review for Sunday!

With that said, I don’t think there is much else to say so I shall leave you with some pictures I took this week when I had opportunity to walk around in a very pretty church yard.

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3 Responses to Muddle Up Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Stef, gorgeous pics as usual. Old cemeteries are always a great place for taking pics! In case you ever make it to Fowey in Cornwall, make sure to visit St. Winnow’s church. It’s a church next to the Fowey River (no river, but an inlet) and has beautiful old grave stones.


  2. The photographs are beautiful, thank you for sharing them. Wet and grey today but spring is certainly on the way. Barbara.


  3. Francis says:

    Stef, your photos are beautiful – you have a real talent. Looking forward to this weeks contributions.


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