Last Monday in March

Well March has flown by! We’ve had the odd sight of nice weather – brief spells of sunshine – so I’m hoping to see more of that once we get into April.

Wednesday is shaping up to be contributorless again unfortunately (I’m considering contacting Mr Barling to see if he can smuggle me some blogs, or better, some bloggers that I can lock up in an underground dungeon and force to write. Don’t worry – I’ll feed them well!) so it may be a reblog from some place – we shall have to see what I can come up with on Tuesday night.

I’m intending to listen to another audio this week – Five Get Into Trouble – and then review it so again we’ll see if that happens! And then Stef is going to watch and review another 90s series episode. Five Go to Smuggler’s Top if she can find it and something else if she can’t.

I’ve actually made it out and about lately thanks to the nicer weather and on one of my walks I spotted the remainders from some sort of children’s book event. No Blytons though!

It was lovely to see all those activities still sitting there on a Sunday afternoon – there was also a hammock and a tub of chalk. I’m sure the children had a ball!

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1 Response to Last Monday in March

  1. Francis says:

    Nice atmospheric pictures, Fiona.
    Lovely to see them.


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