What I nearly bought this week…

A blog staple these days seems to be a “haul” post, often by video, showing off the blogger’s latest purchases – mostly of clothes and make-up though I’ve seen supermarket ones and baby things ones as well. Any hauls on this site will be book related, naturally, and will be mostly typed with a few photos!

Anyway, this isn’t even a haul. As the title says this is what I nearly bought this week. A virtual haul, if you will.

Firstly, I had my eye on a selection of Five-Find Outers titles on eBay – all first editions with dust jackets which started at a very enticing 99p each. I put them all in my watch list and checked back on them a few times, seeing them start to creep up as the week went on. Even The Mystery of the Invisible Theif  was being bid on. Several went past my (admittedly cheapskatey) budget of £5-10 for a book, and of course, I already HAVE all of these titles in later impressions without the jackets. (I don’t buy books I already have unless it’s a serious improvement on what I already have. Even then I usually still don’t as I can’t justify the spend.)

I pretty much knew by then that I wasn’t going to be bidding but I steadfastly watched them as some titles hit the £20 mark and others approached £10. On the last day of the auction I thought to have a look at my Excel chart of books (yes, I have a chart that denotes which titles I have, their edition, illustrator, publisher and the price I paid if I knew it…) and it turned out I had most of those on offer in a first edition anyway.

The Find-Outers on eBay

The Find-Outers on eBay

Long story short – I didn’t bid, I didn’t win, and they all went for quite a lot of money in the end.

Putting that behind me was easy as I wasn’t all that disappointed to have missed out, and later in the week I ended up on the Green Meadow Books site, following a link from the Enid Blyton Society forums. I went through all 20 pages of Blytons and mostly marvelled at the rare and expensive items but I also spotted a few reasonably priced items that are missing from my collection.

Firstly I picked out the first and second in the My Enid Blyton Book set from the Marks and Spencer’s trio. (Yes Marks and Spencers aka M&S, Marks, Marks and Sparks or if you’re in Scotland Markies, published books once upon a time under the St Michaels name.) Those were just £5 each and would have gone nicely with the third book which I already have.

Then there were the Enid Blyton Society Journals. There have been 56 to date, and I started subscribing back in the mid 30s I think. I bought what back editions were available then and have sourced more from eBay and other forumites but still lack 14 of them. Green Meadows had four I didn’t have but at £6.50 each they were twice the price they originally were. Add those to the two other books and my casual browse was starting to get expensive.

Journals 14, 15, 17 and 18

Journals 14, 15, 17 and 18

I also rather wanted the first Holiday Book (sans dust jacket) which was priced at £10, as I have all but the first and third of the twelve.

The Enid Blyton Holiday Book

The Enid Blyton Holiday Book

Forty-six pounds though, all in one go? I couldn’t justify it and hurriedly closed the tabs and stopped myself doing anything silly like ordering the whole lot. I hadn’t even checked to see what postage would have been on top so it could easily have been more than £50.

So that was what I nearly bought this week. Perhaps not as exciting as if I had actually bought something, but much better for my purse. Perhaps I’ll allow a small bargain at some point soon to reward myself for being so good. We’ll see!

Does anyone else fill a real or virtual basket with goodies only to back out when they see the cost? And does anyone else struggle to justify buying up so many books? (Clearly I justify it sometimes as I have… a LOT of books but still, I’d have way more if I didn’t stop myself.)

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2 Responses to What I nearly bought this week…

  1. Francis says:

    We have all been there, Fiona. If I had all the books I nearly bought I would have an immense library. I sympathise.


  2. chrissie777 says:

    I have to admit that I spent a fortune in my life on books (rather than on dining out, fashion or jewelry). But I never regretted or felt guilty about it. I have still 6 EB books that I would like to find in old editions without dust wrappers, but other than that I’m very happy with my large EB collection and my other 1.500+ books in our dining room-library and guest room. Once I received a lovely bookmark with an amazon.com order, I think it was by Erasmus from Rotterdam and he said that if he has money left, he spends it on books, but I forgot the rest of the quote (I think it was about buying clothes). So I know I’m not the only one and am in good company :).


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