Last Monday in July

Well well well! Its the end of July! July! Where has this month gone?! We’re in the middle of summer already and the dreaded D-month is fast approaching. Madness.

So given that we’ve got one more week left on July I best tell you what we’ve got for you this week. We’re going to do a bit of a reblog, or article sharing as I’m sure its more like, for our Wednesday blog. Don’t forget, we’re looking for contributions for the blog!  Please don’t forget to send us any thing you think we would like.

Fiona will be reviewing Cheer Up Little Noddy on Friday, and I shall try and do my best to read and finish reading The Circus of Adventure to continue my Adventure series reviews.

Also this week, we shall be creating a letter to approach the National Trust and English Heritage about purchasing Old Thatch (see Fiona’s blog last week). Please email the blog with a picture or a scan of your signature if you wish to have it added to the letter. The address for those of you who need reminding is please do send us an email if you wish the house to be open to the public.

Anyway thats it for today, so I shall leave you with some nice sunset pictures I took the other day when I was out for a cycle ride. Hope you like them!

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4 Responses to Last Monday in July

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Hi Stef, If I could figure out how to transfer my signature to you, I would do it. Hopefully Old Thatch will stay open to the public!


  2. Francis says:

    What an eye for a photo you have Stef! I will email signature when I return to Guildford from Cambridge. I would love National Trust to set the right example and honour our most successful children’s author.


    • fiona says:

      Thanks, Francis. The more signatures the better! (I’m sure you can persuade Izzy to sign for a good cause as well :P)


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