Reblog: 10 Signs You Read Too Much Enid Blyton as a Child

This is not what I promised to bring you today but in my defence I have been busy lugging my enormous book collection to my new flat. I nearly packed the Noddy I planned to review – it’s one of about six books I’ve left here to keep me going – but in the end I just ran out of time.

So what I am doing is bringing you what I promised to on Wednesday and forgot (that’s a whole other story though.)

Stef and I spotted this on Buzzfeed (a dangerous site where a casual visit loses you several hours of your life as you jump from one list to the next) and while most of the 10* ring true we can’t possibly agree with the idea that there can be TOO MUCH Enid Blyton. It’s not possible!

*Sorry, I don’t really like ginger beer.

Anyway, you can read for yourself and see how many you agree with (and if you win any points at #1.)

10 Signs You Read Too Much Enid Blyton As A Child

Brought up on the Famous Five and The Twins At St Clare’s? You might find most of this familiar…


Disclaimer: Buzzfeed is a site for grown-ups so other articles may not be suitable for a younger audience.

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7 Responses to Reblog: 10 Signs You Read Too Much Enid Blyton as a Child

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Well, I answered most of them with “yes”, but disliked going to boarding school.


  2. Francis says:

    Good luck with your new flat, Fiona – is it big enough?! I could do with a spare flat just to put my books in. ! am In Cambridge at the moment and have bought 15 books so far. I answered yes to most of the questions too.


    • chrissie777 says:

      Fiona, I hope you have enough help for your move.

      Francis, good for you 🙂 🙂 :)!


      • fiona says:

        My parents are very keen to have me move out so they’ve been very helpful. There are no big things to move anyway – just boxes and bags of smaller things.


    • fiona says:

      In a word, no. I could easily turn the spare bedroom into a library but apparently that’s not allowed. I will just have to settle for hogging all of the living room bookcases (which I paid for anyway.)


  3. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, our guest room is a library. We used 7 large bookcases that are simply standing on the floor, they are not attached to the wall. Maybe if you would consider getting the IKEA bookcases or something similar, your dream of a guestroom-library could come true?


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