Well I spent a long weekend in Bath, Wiltshire (UK) and I got thoroughly wet. As some of you know Bath is synonymous with Jane Austen, along with Bath buns and the Roman baths. So we had a nice time being all touristy and wet through as it poured with rain on Saturday during our walking tour and when we spent the day at the new spa, enjoying the hot spring.

So really until I got home this evening I didn’t know what I would be doing for my blog and Fiona asked if she was doing the post today, I don’t know that she had either. Aren’t we bad?!

Anyway the plans this week are to bring you the first comparisons from The Twins at St Clare’s from Fiona who has run out of Noddys to do. We are also trying to find which audio books she hasn’t done and if you have any that she hasn’t reviewed on this blog, get in touch and let us know if you can lend us a copy.

I shall be starting my own audio comparisons this week as a consquence, and shall be looking at how the audio adaptations of Malory Towers differ from the books! Luckily there are only six of them and I have them all on cassette from my childhood.

With that plan in place, I shall leave you with a favourite picture from the weekend and wish you all well for the coming week!

Bath Abbey at night

Bath Abbey at night

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  1. Francis says:

    Welcome back from your little break, Stef – you deserve a change. I have never been to Bath but I am sure it is lovely, even in the rain! Looking forward to your Malory Towers comparisons.


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