The Twins at St Clare’s – How has Blyton’s original text fared in a modern edition? part 2

I am comparing an Egmont paperback from 2005 (on loan from Stef) with a Methuen 6th impression from 1945. I think the Methuen is fairly close to the original text, if not identical so we shall see how many changes have been made sixty years down the line. The previous part can be read here.


They continue to mess about with the italics and highlighting in the Egmont copy. Mam’zelle’s French is in italics in both, so when she says the twins are insupportable, originally the preceding text is italicized and insupportable is not – giving it emphasis. The paperback has it all in italics.

Despite shan’t being used multiple times already, when Pat says I’m jolly sure I shan’t stay, it is changed to won’t. Hilary’s speech in response to the twins sneaking off to the cinema has also been needlessly altered. Originally she says I can’t think why you go out of your way to make things so difficult for yourselves. It has been changed to I can’t think why you should go out of your way to make things difficult for yourselves. I find the new wording clumsier, should adds nothing. Should also implies they are yet to make things difficult, while they’ve been doing that since they arrived.

Lastly for this chapter a fine nature-film at the cinema is now just a fine film. I suppose it would seem strange for two fourteen year olds to be desperate to go to the cinema to see a nature film now.


Very little is changed in this chapter. Queer behaviour becomes strange, and queerly becomes strangely. Also any one is corrected to anyone (as it refers to people). 

Quite a short post this week then, but I didn’t have time to do further chapters. Six changes this time (sticking to my rule of  counting new/unique alterations only) bringing us to a total of 28.

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  1. Francis says:

    How sad that a nature film would seem to be odd! Thanks gain, Fiona.


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