Back at Monday again, and lets just say I don’t want it to be Monday! I need another two days at least of the weekend. Anyone else with me?

On that note, lets get on to what we’ve got to blog for you this week. Fiona is back to comparing St Clare’s original and new editions. I shall be bringing you the second part of Five go to Billycock Hill from the 90s TV Series.

And we have no blog news this week, apart from a call out for blog donations!

I shall leave you with some of the pictures from my trip to the Roman Baths in Bath a couple of weeks ago! It was very interesting to walk around the old baths and tread where the Romans would have trodden. Very much history alive!

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3 Responses to Monday

  1. chrissie777 says:

    I’ve been there in 1981 and was wondering ever since if they are still used as baths or just a tourist attraction?


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