Monday #230

Well, we have another Monday in our midst, and it’s got some good news attached to it. Fiona has had her baby boy!! Brodie was born last Sunday, and is now over a week old, and he is GORGEOUS!! Auntie Stef is desperate to get up there for cuddles! So I hope you’ll join in congratulating Fiona and her other half on their new arrival! Look how gorgeous he is in his Noddy sleep suit.


1 Week old and already a Blyton and Beatrix Potter Fan! 

Now, for the more boring part – this week’s blogs!


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4 Responses to Monday #230

  1. chrissie777 says:

    Fiona, Brodie is adorable! You must be very happy and proud :).


  2. zanyzigzag says:

    Congrats to Fiona!!

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  3. Francis says:

    Dear Stef and Fiona
    Thanks for gorgeous baby and new agenda for the week ahead!

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  4. Dale Vincero, Brisbane, Australia says:

    Beautiful boy Brodie. Wish he was MY grandson !


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