The Adventure Series on TV: The Castle of Adventure part 7

We left last week on a cliff-hanger again. Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Philip (inside a suit of armour) were down in the cellar/dungeon and shut themselves in. Then someone opened the trap-door and came down to join them. But is it Jack, or is it one of the spies?

I’d guess one of the spies, as that way it fits with the book and would cause the spies to keep the girls prisoner while Philip has to keep his presence a secret.

So shall we see who it is?


Well, not really. It’s our spies (named Nico and Mannheim I’ve just noticed), but Dinah immediately blurts out that she and Lucy-Ann won’t tell anyone about their pirate radio station. I think she’s pretending that’s what they believe, but it’s a bit hard to tell. She certainly doesn’t trust them as she cuts off the idiotic Lucy-Ann when she’s about to mention Jack.

The girls wait until they are distracted, leg it and the spies manage to both fall over the same chair? Stupidly the men have a) left the trap door open, and b) don’t think to pull the lever to close it before the girls can get out.

The girls aren’t much smarter. They don’t think to slow the men down by shutting the doors from the outside, and Lucy-Ann screams a lot as they run. They’re lucky there are not other spies around as they make themselves a real target!

Dinah impresses a little more by grabbing some large, handy rocks and pelting the men with them (she has great aim!) but when they reach their access window they discover the plank is gone!

They are therefore caught and weirdly Dinah shouts “where’s our plank?” more than she does “let us go.”


Two men dressed in black, with balaclavas and black face-paint are fighting in the woods… from the identical outfits you have to assume they’re actually on the same side? And then a phone rings. Bill and an army sergeant are observing the fight.

Then Bill and Aunt Jane drive down the same road approaching each other. Neither makes any effort to pull to the side so there’s a bit of a stalemate and horn honking. But it’s all right as she then recognises him and shouts “Bill Cunningham, you male chauvinist.” She forgives him when he reverses and invites him over. (He was already invited to Spring Cottage so none of that was at all necessary!)


Buttons appears in the castle in the middle of the night and Jack attaches a note to his collar to get Tassie’s help.

Grogan – Allie’s American friend turns up again and is more threatening towards the girls. He reveals that Scar (Scar-neck in the book) is coming tonight.

All three men walk right past Philip but don’t notice his hand holding the visor open.

One climbs Jack’s ladder again but is scared off by the eagle flapping its wings on the nest. The eagle must like Jack better…

Philip exits the suit of armour, revealing it is a hollow front and not a full suit, but it’s still noisy getting out of it. He then follows the American friend down a secret passage leading (presumably) out of the castle. He leaves the girls behind because “If they find you’re gone, they’ll know which way.” Not really, they could have opened the trap door and gone out and hidden elsewhere in the castle.


Bill finally visits Spring Cottage. He has a weird moment when Jane reminds him that Philip’s father loved nature too and Bill says “Yes, I remember” in a very deep and meaningful way. I’m not sure quite that I’m meant to infer from that, if anything.

Button returns to Tassie’s caravan. Who’s sent you a letter? You can’t read, says Tassie’s mother (Rose), snatching the note from her. She’s furious when she reads the note and says your fancy friends are at the castle, but won’t reveal the rest, just shouts at Tassie for getting involved. Tassie lruns away just as Sam arrives.

Sam’s look is so threatening that Rose rushes off after Tassie. (Bearing in mind this is well after dark). None of this is dramatic enough, clearly, so Tassie has to fall over a bit as well.

Jane reveals the children are at the castle just as Bill goes to leave and the thunder and lightening starts.

Tassie follows Button in, emerging at the end of what looks like a large tunnel (very similar to where Grogan exited earlier). She claims she came in by an underground stream when she meets Jack to plan a rescue.


Sam turns up in the cellar and reveals he got in with keys. Niko says that Scar won’t be happy about all this. And then… Sam removes his neckerchief to reveal…  A SCAR.

So not a cliffhanger this week, but a major reveal!

We’re really getting somewhere now! The final episode will hopefully have a thunderstorm and an exciting escape. It’s just a shame that there are so many padded out earlier episodes and then the ‘kidnapped’ section is so short as a result.

Also disappointing is the consistent ‘comic’ villainy shown by Nico and Mannheim.

Nico – “Ask them about the boys. I saw them in the woods with some boys. Oh, and they had a parrot.”

Grogan “Where?”

“Here, on his shoulder. Like that bloke, you know, pieces of eight, pieces of eight…” (While doing a jig and a parrot-type squawk).

It’s just so annoying!

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