Enid Blyton Fund for Seven Stories

It’s a time ago now, but Seven Stories had a blog in which they talked about the huge Enid Blyton memorabilia they received in a massive auction lot, way back in the distant past. This blog’s worth looking at if you never got to go to the exhibition and to see what went on behind the scenes.

Seven Stories' Enid Blyton Blog

We are thrilled to announce a new £¾m fund to benefit the work of Seven Stories, which has been founded thanks to the Enid Blyton Trust for Children.  Its Trustees have decided to wind up the Enid Blyton Trust for Children and donate its assets to set up a permanent fund at the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland. This fund will support the work of Seven Stories for years to come.

An Enid Blyton Trust for Children trustee explained their decision, “Seven Stories is a truly inspiring place. We know that we have made the right decision and believe that Enid herself would feel very happy with everything Seven Stories is doing for her, her work and for the children”.  This new Fund deepens Seven Stories’ connection with Enid Blyton and her outstanding contribution to children’s literature in Britain.  Grants from the Enid Blyton Fund for Seven Stories at Community Foundation…

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