Blyton’s food

Since 2013 there have been around a dozen posts on the blog about the Blyton like food you can make yourselves, with I think the favourite being macaroons (which are also now a firm favourite with my boyfriend’s family).

I love reading about the food in Blyton’s books, which is why I was slightly disappointed with the new Enid Blyton Cookbook that I have mentioned before. Some recipes seem to be right on the button with Blyton’s descriptions of food and then there seem to be some very faddish dishes in which I do believe that a Blyton book has never been near in its life.  I’ll look at that in more depth next time, because I really want to have another good thumb through to really get an opinion of it.

In regards to food, what’s your favourite food description of Blyton’s? I think one of mine has to be when in The Upper Fourth at Malory Towers when Gwen and Clarissa go to her old governess’ house and see the spread she’s put on for them and the food goes back to Malory Towers for a midnight feast. It really makes my mouth water when I read that.

The Famous Five have some good food descriptions and even with my dislike of the Five Find outers and dog, they have some pretty epic food descriptions too. Check out our blogs on food here

One of my favourite recipes I’ve found from these cooking ventures is the ginger biscuits from Jane Brocket’s book, Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer. It really makes the best ginger biscuits around.  You can find the blog here for the refresher. These were the beauties fresh out of the oven, and they were delish!

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