Monday #262

The Magic Faraway Tree


 Funniest Moments from the TV series

Gloomy Water, of Two Trees. Gloomy Water. Saucy Jane. And Maggie knows as well, fame.

Gloomy Water is a, well, gloomy-looking lake in front of the burnt-out shell of what was a house called Two Trees. It sounds and looks a bit dull, the Five visit having followed the message above, delivered in the night by an escaped convict. The only thing more exciting than that is perhaps aligning their raft in the middle of the lake between Tock Hill, Steeple, Standing Stone and Tall Chimney so that the boys can dive into the murky water in search of the Saucy Jane.

Those Dreadful Children is one of those Blyton books that makes you think. Who are the dreadful children? Are they loud, mucky and sometimes rude Taggertys, or the prim, proper and judgemental Carletons? Both do some quite dreadful things as the story unfolds, but then both families learn a lot too. It’s an interesting quandary with lots of fun along the way.

Armada paperback of “Those Dreadful Children”, cover uncredited

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