Monday #267


Favourite Blyton pets


Names in Blyton’s books


April round up

The baby slept soundly. “Will it want a bottle at ten o’clock?” whispered Peter. “And one early in the morning? Most babies do.”

They fell asleep. The baby slept all through the night until nearly six o’clock.

That’s not from some wild fantasy book, rather it’s from The Very Big Secret. The children find a real baby – one young enough to fit into a doll’s pram, bed and clothes, and it behaves impeccably for them. As a new parent I find it all hilarious.

The illustration does sum up the early weeks for me, though! Sleeping on the sofa in the night was a bit of a routine.

The Circus of Adventure  is my favourite Adventure Series book. The children minus Jack are kidnapped and taken to the wonderfully made-up Tauri Hessia, along with Gus, the extravagant and unintentionally amusing prince of the country. Jack (and Kiki) manage to follow them and must infiltrate themselves into a local circus in order to get close to where the others are being held.

The best bit has to be Philip dealing with the escaped bears!

Philip and the bears


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