Demon’s Rocks holiday brochure, 2018 from Travel Blyton

Imagine if Blyton’s most famous locations were real, still existed and you could visit them today! This is how I think some adverts might look…

Visit Demon’s Rocks and discover a thrilling history of wreckers at the renowned Jeremiah Boogle museum. Tickets are available at Demon’s Rocks Tourist Information for Demon’s Rock’s lighthouse where you can climb all 224 steps to the fabulous viewing gallery with stunning sea views. Then, if you dare*, descend below sea level and into the treasure caves. Can you find any of One-Ear Bill’s gold coins?

Jeremiah Boogle Museum £7.50 adults, £5.00 children and concessions, £20 family ticket.
Demon’s Rocks Lighthouse £5.00 adults, £2.50 children and concessions, £10 family ticket.
Day ticket to both attractions £10 adults, £6.25 children and concessions, £25 family ticket.
*Visitors must be aware of the tides when underground and neither the Demon’s Rocks Tourist Information  nor the Jeremiah Boogle Museum take any responsibility for loss of belongings or life.

Visit the Jeremiah Boogle museum and discover all of Jeremiah Boogle’s thrilling tales of One-Ear Bill, Nosey and Bart and their dastardly wreckings. Wander through the Famous Five gallery to find out how four children and their dog discovered the relics of One-Ear Bill’s last treasure, deep under Demon’s Rocks’ Lighthouse. Have a bite to eat in Joan’s cafe, where sandwiches, scones, cakes and lashings of gingerbeer are served all day. 


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5 Responses to Demon’s Rocks holiday brochure, 2018 from Travel Blyton

  1. Pete says:

    That was superb! Thank you.


  2. jillslawit says:

    I wanted to go before. I definitely want to go now! I’m up for a family ticket. And Joan’s Cafe 🙂 🙂


  3. Dale Vincero Brisbane, Australia says:

    My 2 favorite places to visit would be Craggy-Tops (Island of Adventure) and the castle from Castle of Adventure. Of course, I would expect a USB charging station outside the entrance door to keep my mobile charged during my visit. And of course, the mandatory gift and coffee shop inside…

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    • fiona says:

      The Castle of Adventure might be tricky after that big landslide! If they did manage to clear it the great expense might mean horrendous ticket prices. Us hardcore fans would probably pay up, though, providing the USB charging station was installed.


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