Monday #286

If you like Blyton: The Lone Pine books by Malcolm Saville


Putting the Five Find-Outers in order

“And remember what I’ve said – there is NO BOY HERE!”

– The Dragon

This is from The Boy Next Door, and so The Dragon is not a mythical beast, merely a fierce woman. Her words are clearly lies, as Lucy and Robin have just met the boy that doesn’t exist.

Mister Meddle reminds me of Mr Twiddle in that neither of them are very capable when it comes to doing every day tasks. Mr Twiddle is likeable despite being forgetful and foolish while Mister Meddle is plain incompetent. The strange thing about Mister Meddle is that he is from a fantasy world full of goblins and magic spells and I’m fairly sure he’s not human. He lives with his Aunt Jemima who asks – well, demands – that he runs errands and makes himself useful but he is guaranteed to mess up the easiest of tasks. Usually it’s because he’s decided it would be easier to clean the house with a spell instead of a broom, and being daft it all goes very wrong.


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