Monday #290

Five Run Away Together, continued


Putting the Five-Find Outers in order part 3

Lacking an adventure or mystery in Go Ahead Secret Seven, the seven set to practising their skills of shadowing, observing and spying. This gets George into a spot of bother – and means he has to leave the Secret Seven temporarily. The coincidence is that the man he got into trouble for following leads the others straight into a mystery involving missing dogs!

Jack is one of the most important characters in The Secret Series to begin with as it’s all his idea to run away. Being the oldest he takes charge admirably and it’s mostly down to is good ideas that the children survive as well as they do. And of course he is the one to reunite the children with their parents. He is rewarded for looking after the Arnold children by being welcomed into their family and having a family and warm, loving home for the first time. He becomes more of an equal in the later books as they are no longer entirely fending for themselves but he doesn’t let the role of captain entirely slip away from him.

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