Happy Valentine’s Day

Romance is rare in Enid Blyton’s books. I can’t think of many scenes or plots that lend themselves to romance or love. There are lots of married parents, of course, but few weddings.

Bill and Aunt Allie get married, of course, between The Ship of Adventure and The Circus of Adventure. Although seeing as Bill’s idea of a proposal is saying so what about it, Allie? when Lucy-Ann suggests they wed, I’m not sure we can call it a true romance. They are very fond of each other, though.

Mary Mouse has a brief courtship with a gardener mouse in Hallo, Little Mary Mouse.

Melisande and Jane appear to have a bit of a crush on a well-to-do local boy with a beautiful horse and Jane even goes to the bother of washing and dressing more neatly to impress him.

We’ve injected a bit of romance into our fan fiction covering what Julian Kirrin, Sally Hope and Darrell Rivers got up to after the events of the Famous Five and Malory Towers.

You can find part one here, and part two here.

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