Monday #318

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Five on Kirrin Island Again part 2

One of the questions you so often ask me is about my childhood. You are in the middle of yours. You quite naturally want to know what mine was like. Did I play the same games as you do? Did I like reading? What books did I read?

Enid Blyton introduces the chapter ‘About my childhood – the books I read’ in The Story of My Life, her autobiography.

Naughty Amelia Jane is the first book about Amelia Jane, a very naughty doll (based on one owned by Blyton’s daughter Gillian). Amelia Jane is home-made rather than shop-bought and therefore lacks the sort of good manners that purchased toys have. She bullies the other nursery toys and does wicked things like cutting up rugs and curtains. She learns her lesson many times over but it never lasts!


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