Letters to Enid 3: From volume 1 issue 12

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Letters page from Volume 1, issue 12. August 19th – September 1st 1953



 1. A letter from Joan Richards, Warren Farm, Pyrford, Woking
Dear Enid Blyton;
It is so nice to be a Busy Bee. I am collecting milk-bottle tops and stamps. I try to stop anybody being cruel to animals. I hate to see animals suffering. I have sent for the Busy Bees News, and I have asked a girl to join, because she loves animals too.
Love from
Joan Richards.

2. A letter from Jean Lockyer, Silvermere, Verwood, Wimborne, Dorset.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I am sending you a snap of myself and my sister Audrey. I am dressed up as Big-Ears, and Audrey as Noddy. We won third prize in the 1953 Verwood Carnival. The children who were watching the Carnival procession were very excited when they saw us, and called after us. We are delighted with your new magazine and we love reading the Noddy books and all your adventure books.
Yours sincerely,
Jean Lockyer.

3. A letter from Irene Horbury, 3 Morton Street, Heaton Norris, Stockport.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I look forward to reading your magazine every fortnight, and I wonder if any other reader has a pet like mine. My budgie Tony never fails to read the magazine with me. He is only four months old, and he talks very well. If we are having a salad tea he always flies down to our plates and eats with us. He is a very lovable little bird. So that’s all for now.
Love from
Irene Horbury

I really wish they had included the snap of Jean and Audrey as Big-Ears and Noddy.

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