Letters to Enid 7: From volume 1 issue 16

Previous letters pages can be found here.

Letters page from Volume 1, issue 16. October 14th – 27th, 1953




 1. A letter from Busy-Bee Geraldine Ann Wall, 99 Bloomfield Road, Blackwood, Mon.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I have something to tell you that thrilled me very much. I was walking down a street in Weston-Super-Mare when I saw a white van across the street. I saw that it had the letters P.D.S.A. on it (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals). I was so excited to see a van that had to do with the work of the Busy Bees that I ran to take a look. The door was open so  I stole a look. Inside there was a bull-dog with a cut on his head, and beside him a man was tending him. It was lovely to see the man’s gentle hands at work.
All my love,

(How many more of my readers have seen one of these wonderful vans?)

2. A letter from Ella Maunder, Lower Kilcott Farm, Meshaw.
Dear Enid Blyton,
I want to tell you how much all my family enjoy your magazine and book. My sister had your magazine, and when I am away at school she sends it to me and I pass it around my dormitory. My father likes reading your Brer Rabbit and Twiddle stories, and my grandfather is reading a Twiddle book. My grandmother likes reading Amelia Jane. Will there be any more Five books?
Yours sincerely,
Ella Maunder.

(Yes, Ella there will be plenty more!)

3. A letter from Carole Fitch, Sheriffmuir, East Horsley.
Dear Miss Enid Blyton,
On Saturday we organised a small show. We acted a play I had written, sang songs and did a dance. Brumas, my little poodle,  wore a little hat and carried a small box for collecting the enclosed ten shillings for your Sunbeams.
Yours affectionately,
Carole Fitch

(Please give Brumas a grateful pat for me, Carole!)


Another three letters from girls but it’s interesting that Enid has now started adding little replies to the letters.

I wonder how much Ella’s family liked her revealing to the world that they all read children’s books?

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